Olomouc is a major city in Moravia and the capital of the administrative region of the same name. It is the sixth largest city in the country and the most important city in the Haná region of Moravia. Until the mid-17th century, Olomouc could be considered one of Moravia’s capital cities (together with Brno).

Its well preserved Old Town belongs to the most beautiful ones in Czechia and boasts a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It attracts many domestic and foreign tourists

In the 18th century it was rebuilt into a powerful fortress and became a major centre and headquarters of a strong military garrison. Respected, educated and shrouded in mystery. this is Olomouc is home to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the university city and the historical capital of the Haná region. Olomouc lies on the Morava River and is not only famous for its historical monuments, but its atmosphere also makes it a popular destination. 

Olomouc is home to many galleries, theatres, museums and exhibition halls. It is an important cultural and historical centre. The city is literally intertwined with sights and its historical part is thus protected as an urban conservation area. The specific architecture, picturesque squares and monumental buildings take you in and don´t let go. What you shouldn’t miss?

⭐ Gothic-Renaissance town hall with a clock on the Upper Square (Horní náměstí).

⭐ Column of the Holy Trinity (Sloup Nejsvětější Trojice) listed by UNESCO.

⭐ The Cathedral of St. Wenceslas (Katedrála Svatého Václava) in the grounds of the Přemyslid Castle.

⭐ Monumental Baroque church at the Holly Hill (Svatý Kopeček).

The Art Nouveau Villa Primavesi.

⭐ A unique set of ten Baroque fountains Caesar’s Fountain (Caesarova kašna), Arion’s Fountain (Ariónova kašna) and Hercules’s Fountain (Herkulova kašna). Other notable fountains are: Neptune’s Fountain (Neptunova kašna) from 1683 – the oldest Baroque fountain in the city, and Jupiter’s Fountain (Jupiterova kašna) from 1707, both at the Lower Square.

⭐ Many churches, monasteries and basilicas